The Perfect Pool Cover or Summer Box Tee (Multiple Colors)


AHHH! These are literally the! I wore this to the pool — literally obsessed! It semi-repels water (of course not if submerged) but it still didn’t get all clingy.

These are supposed to be OVERSIZED — I wear the XL and it is shown in the BLACK — In the Coral I am wearing a Medium and wearing it as a top!

You decide how you want yours to fit! Super soft, very comfortable and features a pocket!!

Fabric: Premium Luxe Rayon

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Americano, Black, Light Pink, Red, Dark Burgundy, Eggplant, Mint, Heather Grey, Sky Blue, Ivory, Hot Pink, Navy, Mint, Mocha (lighter brown), Coral, Teal


Small, Medium, Large, X – Large