The Perfect High Chair Insert!

This is the BEST seat! Our owner has tried EVERYTHING for her son and this is beyond amazing! Easy to clean, easy to use and just perfect!

Age 4-24 Months

Materials: 100% Polyester & 100% Polyurethane Foam Filled

This High Chair Insert is a comfortable Baby Chair Insert for infants and toddlers  capable of keeping a child safe and secure inside a shopping cart seat, high chair, and more. The insert features multiple straps, securable around the seat, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for a child while he/she sits in the seat.

The seat includes pockets for storing small personal items, child’s toys, bottles, sippy cups, and more. A protective strap can also be applied, allowing for additional protection against germs and bacteria commonly present on public seats.

  • Provides parents/guardians with a soft collapsible child seat insert for shopping carts and high chairs designed to offer additional comfort and support for a child from 4 months to 2 years of age.
  • Resembles a booster seat with sides extending up below the child’s arms, providing support and ensuring the child does not fall out the sides of the chair.
  • Utilizes two front straps designed to wrap around the bar on a shopping cart or high chair for optimal securement, preventing the insert from falling out of the chair.
  • Utilizes two string ties designed to tie around the back of shopping cart or high chair for added support.
  • Offers a more sanitary option for parents/guardians when placing children into public seats.
  • Allows parents/guardians to fold the device for transportation, ensuring the device can fit inside a backpack, baby bag, etc.