Sensory Fidget Numbers & Math Pop It Set


-15 pcs fidget toys
-Stress Relief Squeeze Toys for Kids Adult
-2 in 1 number keychains & Fidget Toy
-Learning Through Games
-Multiple Colors & Shapes
-High-quality silicone
-Great Gift for kids

Take your pop-it fun to the next level with these keychains! Children can recognize more numbers & colors.
These anxiety keychains are perfect for kids and adults alike. Whether you’re in a quiet environment and need a toy to help you focus, or you’re in a noisy environment and you need a toy to help you focus, this is a great way to have a little fun. These toys are perfect gifts for children.
They are small pocket toys, you can put the toys in your pocket or backpack at any time, and when you need, you can play with friends in the library, school, classroom, office, car, bus or plane. You can share these toys with your friends at the party, and everyone will enjoy the fun of these toys. It can be reused and is easy to clean.

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