Rose Gold Bracelet Drinking Flask


A trendy way for women to accessorize their favorite spirits, this cool rose gold stainless steel bracelet flask means 3 oz. of the best whiskey, brandy, or other favored liquor is never out of a ladies reach. A cute wrist bangle and discrete drinking flask it takes the idea of the hip and pocket flask to the next level. So, why not set your bridesmaids up for an evening of spirited fun? This fancy, alcohol fillable bangle flask is a great modern present or small wedding favor for those ladies in your bridal party. Even better, the classy bangle is stylishly inexpensive without looking cheap so each your bridesmaids get a unique wedding gift specially personalized just for her.

4″ (Outer Dia.) x 2 3/4″ (Inner Dia.) Stainless Steel & Copper Holds 3.5oz. (103ml) Hand Wash Only

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