Official Gummiband Hair Tie Boxes!

Each box comes with FOUR (4) hair ties! 🙂

GummiBand Hair Cords are:
-Hypoallergenic (They do not absorb water or sweat so they do not breed bacteria)
-Suitable for all types of hair (Long and thick hair? Use 2 GummiBands for extra hold!)
-Gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage
-Reusable for years. When the cord stretches out, warm it up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to return it to its original shape!

** Actual colors may vary from digital resolution! **

Product images by:
Freya Bear Photography via Gummiband’s website!

** These MOST LIKELY will arrive in time for Christmas, but there is NO GUARANTEE! **




Clear, Black, Brunette, Blonde, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Pink, Pink Metallic, Purple Metallic, Purple, Baby Blue, Teal