Pre-Order - MomoGo Baby Pineapple Seat

TRULY THE BEST! We used this for Jackson in high chairs and carts and it helped him sit up COMFORTABLY! It also was easy to travel with and easy to clean! Will 100% use again for a future kid — use for up to 24 – 36 months depending on baby size! 🙂 Those fabric cart covers SUCK! 

MomoGo Baby is a soft, comfortable child seat for shopping carts and high chairs. The seat resembles a booster seat and includes side sections extending up below a sitting child’s arms. The seat includes a webbing strap used to firmly secure a child within the seat.
The seat includes pockets for storing small personal items, child’s toys, bottles, sippy cups, and more. Protective straps also allow for additional protection against germs and bacteria commonly present on public seats.

Product Dimensions – 8×10.5×12 in

Product Weight – 15 ozs


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