Cheeky Physique - Sublime Bust

Treat yourself (and “your girls”) to Sublime BustTM and get ready to reveal your most seductive silhouette. This innovative serum combines two powerful bust-beautifying ingredients to accentuate the look of your natural curves.

Pueraria mirifica, a natural herbal extract, and AdifylineTM, a clinically tested “plumping” peptide, partner up to restore youthful curves, giving the look of volume and firmness to the breasts.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, “My eyes are up here!”



A phytoestrogen-rich plant extract traditionally used to firm and accentuate the appearance of the bust.


A peptide that promotes the look of plumping, firming, and lifting for beautiful curves and cleavage.


  • Accentuates your natural bust appearance.
  • Visibly plumps and firms the look of the bust and décolleté.
  • Gives the bust a firmer, younger, and more lifted look.
  • Improves the appearance of skin volume and elasticity.


Apply Sublime BustTM twice daily and massage until fully absorbed – then get ready for the world premiere of your most irresistible self.

This lightweight, deep penetrating serum is highly concentrated, so a few drops are all you’ll need. One bottle should last 30-60 days when used as directed.

For best results, we recommend combining Sublime BustTM with exercise, massage, and a proper diet.

After you’ve achieved your desired results, apply Sublime BustTM 3-4 times per week to maintain your most lush and lifted look.


Clinical tests for key ingredient AdifylineTM demonstrated the following results:

  • A study with a cream containing 2% AdifylineTM applied twice daily to the face achieved a 12% increase in the appearance of cheek volume in 14 days.*
  • 79% of volunteers experienced a volumizing effect.*
  • A second study focusing on the breasts showed that AdifylineTM increased breast volume appearance by 30-fold compared to a placebo at day 56.**

*Assessment of 22 women (50-60 years old) after 14 days. Clinical data provided by Lipotec Group.

**Assessment of 22 women (25-40 years old) after 56 days. Clinical data provided by Lipotec Group.