Details About The Masks & Terms!



August 3rd, 2020 — We have ordered in new styles — these are both in stock (select styles) and on pre-order! All should be available to ship by August 15th, 2020. The Rise Above code only works on masks prices $6 or above —–



May 27th , 2020 – WE HAVE NEW PRE-ORDERS — including masks that can be used as HEADBANDS — put those babies to a second use! 


April 30th, 2020 – ALL MASKS ARE IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! These will NOT be restocked! So grab them while they last! 


April 29th, 2020 – We have added a restock on mint, yellow & black floral, and new designs, leopard, navy, navy polka dot & navy & floral. These will ship out Monday! They are arriving Saturday, May 2nd. 




April 21st, 2020 Update: If you placed a pre-order on these, please check the email you completed your purchase. We have sent an update on shipping! 

April 20th 2020 Update – We are working with the vendor! There have been some delays in processing the order. We are still hopeful these will arrive by Tuesday, April 21st’s evening and we will be able to ship these out Wednesday, April 22nd. If there is a delay, we will inform everyone! 

Our Launch Facebook Post: 

Ship time is 5-7 business days to us and then to you. We are trying to expedite shipping on this order. Order was placed Friday, April 10th at 4pm, est and is in “processing” right now! We are limited to 24 per style for now! We can restock if we still have the need from customers AND there is stock from the vendor! We want this to remain controlled and organized! 


WE DO NOT WANT DRAMA OVER THIS POST! Trust us, we are NOT those people, we just want to help if we can! PLEASE READ ENTIRELY!

👉 I was NOT going to sell Face Masks even though vendors are releasing them left and right, because I don’t think it is right to capitalize on fear for your own health AND most vendors have things JACKED UP —- surgical masks are $65 a box right now for a 50 count and N95 masks for like $50 a box for 10 MASKS — it is CRAZY!
…. but my vendor released a few fabric masks that I think are good looking, great quality (based on their clothing pieces) and would be nice for our customers to have the opportunity to purchase at basically cost (have to cover shipping to me and you, taxes, etc). They are just fabric masks, not medical grade, but great for a quick run out.
— ⏩⏩ Our bridal boutique’s preferred seamstress is also hand sewing AMAZING masks for people at great rates, but is totally swapped with orders, but you can check out our bridal page for that information! She is AMAZING! She did 2 weeks of donations to hospitals and now is selling them to the public! ❤️
⏩ Here are a few of the designs available. They would be $9 per mask. That includes taxes I have to pay on them, MD State Sales Tax, Shipping to Me, Shipping To You, etc. There would be a $1.50 per mask discount for an order of 4 or more (we save on shipping)

Here is the vendor description of them:
Reusable Washable Mask
Double Layered
Unique Design – 3D Shape
Soft Cotton Blend Material
Perfectly Covers Face
Made In USA

—- Would you be interested in us launching these or no!? We don’t want to launch anything that will upset our customers, so we want to do this post to just capture if you would want us to post them for sale or not. This post WILL BE DELETED if the decision is no!

Purchasing Terms

IBH Creations & Boutique, affiliates and vendors cannot confirm the use of this mask will protect you or your loved ones from the COVID-19 Pandemic and we are not responsible for the misuse of the mask. This product is used as the CDC’s precautionary measures recommending citizens wear a face coverings when entering into the public. This product is offered by one of our favorite clothing vendor with the above description. We are simply offering their product to our customers in effort to assist in this pandemic. In no way should we be held liable for the fit, pattern placement or overall functionality of the mask. We do our best to find the best products and fully trust this vendor. We are doing our best to help the public in this unprecedented time. We CANNOT GUARANTEE THESE MASKS WILL WORK FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY. They are also NOT MEDICAL GRADE. They can be washed and reused, but we DO NOT RECOMMEND drying. The pricing includes shipping to us, taxes, fees, shipping to you. These products ARE NOT RETURNABLE and we do not recommend reselling due to the nature of the use. This product is meant for adults only, but we know it could fit some older children/teens. HOWEVER … please refrain from using these on children 2 & under years old, as the CDC DOES NOT recommend the use of masks on children that young. This product is a PURCHASE and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and is only a precautionary measure, not a cure or total prevention. We do recommend washing PRIOR TO FIRST USE! Please be sure to use ALL SAFE practices to STOP THE SPREAD! Thank you for shopping small and we hope you stay safe and healthy!