Let's get COLORFUL!


Super Fun.

Encourages Creativity!

** Yes, we know the J & the S are backwards! We had the wrong mold for this sample ... but the CORRECT one is on it's way, so no worries! **

Let's Create Something Beautiful for the kiddos!
Ordering Form – A Square Invoice Will Follow!
  • Letters are $2.50 / letter until you reach 5 letters, then letters 6+ are $2.00/ letter. They come in a box for your child to open and see their name. Longer names than 7 will have to be separated into two boxes. The letters can range from .25 -.75 inches thick. No two letters are alike! Orders less than $10 will have a $2.50 shipping charge.
  • Solid Letters (please choose 3- 4 colors for this style), Camo Letters (mixture of assorted similar colors -- similar to the sample photo), Rainbow (No repeating colors), Pattern (every other color), etc. Let us know what colors / scheme you'd like.
    These crayons are useable crayons! They can be used to color and design! Camo crayons create a fun experience, because every swipe could be a different color!
    Production Time is between 3 - 7 days and ship time is between 1 - 4 days! We may have to wait for fresh supplies to arrive, as these are all made with NEW materials.